Your colour

sensational in combination with other materials

Immerse yourself in the exciting and limitless world of colours. We’re there if you need help finding the right shade for your home or offices. You’ll find the most popular Naturofloor colours below.

You can download our comprehensive colour palette here. If the one you prefer isn’t available in our palette of 210 colours, we’d be happy to create it for you wherever possible. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you require further information and details on colour selection.


Download the colour palette

Your structure

Applied carefully and professionally by hand, Naturofloor surfaces are distinguished by their individual, unique structure. As the lighting changes, the mineral covering produces superb interplays of colours as well as lively structural accents. In addition to striking shades and hues, harmonious rhythms and exciting contrasts also become apparent. Rooms designed with Naturofloor, offer an inspirational atmosphere while remaining discreet and elegant.

Everything is possible when it comes to structures and we can address your idea individually. Let us advise you – we’ll work together with you to create your very own unique surface. You will find a selection of frequently used structures below.