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Naturofloor is applied by hand in a precisely defined process comprising several steps. Time and also a bit of patience are required in order to create a durable, timeless surface finish of fine quality from the premium mineral materials. For all its perfection, this surface is a hand-crafted mineral designer product. Individual surface structures are characteristic of Naturofloor and make each surface and each room unique. The properties of the mineral covering create an exciting interplay of colour as the lighting in the room changes.

As we allow only qualified specialists to mix and apply Naturofloor, our product is not available from building material suppliers. We operate a large network of qualified partner companies, which have received specialist training and ensure professional application of Naturofloor. As we constantly refine our product, our qualified Naturofloor specialists receive continuing training on a regular basis. This means that the demanding process of applying Naturofloor by hand is a breeze for the experts. For all its perfection, this surface coating is a hand-crafted mineral designer product. Our specialists in your area are happy to advise you.

Architects and Planners


Floor and wall coverings can be created virtually anywhere with Naturofloor, from private living spaces in modern new buildings to renovation projects and prestigious offices.



In construction planning, various legal and technical regulations must be kept in mind. Besides the schedule, it is vital to fine-tune the different materials to each other.



The fundamental Naturofloor installation principles serve as the basis for applying this covering. The certified Naturofloor specialist installs the Naturofloor in multiple steps.


Information for architects and planners

In the following PDF, you’ll find everything you need to know to work with Naturofloor as an architect or planner.


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Area of application

Rooms featuring Naturofloor wall and floor coverings open up a whole new dimension. The structure, colour and temperature of the mineral surfaces have such a pleasant effect that you feel like touching and feeling them for yourself.


Good to know

Professional specialists apply Naturofloor coverings in several work steps. This approach requires serious planning and appropriate substrate preparation. Although Naturofloor can also achieve an industrial look, this coating cannot be compared to industrial flooring. Its resilience ranges between that of premium parquet and ceramic tiling. Mechanical damage cannot be ruled out with Naturofloor coatings yet they retain their original beauty if properly used.